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We build websites with a built-in booking engine, making client reservations so easy you can even do it in your sleep!

Why Swan Haven Is Your Best Choice

Why would you choose Swan Haven over any of the other web designers out there? We are Avid RVers, we have worked in the industry, we travel frequently in our RV, in fact, even though we have settled in the small Idaho mountain resort town of McCall, we used to be full time RVers.
We understand the challenges you face, because we have faced them, we have worked with them and we have worked to find solutions for them. Much of the software currently in the industry is antiquated, hard to use, and doesn't fulfill all of your needs. We challenge the status quo and design websites that work for you.
Provide online booking for your clients
Keep all of your reservations in one place, in the cloud, so you or your employees can access them
No double booking or lost notes, everyone is in sync
Reservations can be added from your website by:
Camp host when a new arrival shows up
Over the phone
As long as you have internet access, you can run your reservation business and book customers. We love the RV and vacation industry, we love helping you make reservations for your resort. We save you time and frustration, helping your business to be more successful.
We will maintain your website, keeping it updated and secure, setting you free to do what you love! For more information about our maintenance plans check out our pricing page.

Solutions For Your Business

Cloud Based Booking

Online Booking

Modern Responsive Website

How We Help Your Business Grow

Swan Haven Designs specializes in building and maintaining websites for the hospitality industry. We specialize in the RV or outdoor hospitality industry and we also build websites for any reservation oriented business.
Our goal is to help book more clients by building a custom booking website that helps you showcase your business & provides you with online booking services. Unlike many other booking services, our websites:
Keep information on your website
Improve Your SEO (search engine optimization)
Eliminate booking fees
Provide website conformity
Help your customers feel safe through the entire booking process
We don't punish you for success, we don't charge you for every single customer you book. This saves you thousands of dollars every year and helping you avoid " convenience fees" that customers always hate. Sounds pretty awesome right?
Well, we do more to help you after everything is setup & going. We don't build your website and leave you to figure out the rest, we want to be your partner. We train you how to use your shiny new website.
We help you maintain, secure, and backup your website to prevent attacks and hacks
We also offer blog writing and website updates to help keep your website relevant
We can even help you with hosting services

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Our Services

Website Design

Every website we build is unique, with its own special look and feel. We design our websites specifically for your company with your individual business needs in mind. Our websites are not only elegant, but they are also built with usability in mind to ensure they can be navigated with ease both on mobile devices or desktop.
We can also add advanced features such as online chat, contact forms, newsletter, ecommerce, blog, & of course booking. If you have a unique requirement or function, let us know, we haven't run into a challenge we couldn't solve yet!

Booking Engine Integration

We use a plugin to integrate the booking engine directly into your website. This has several advantages over booking engines hosted on someone else's server.
First of all, because the booking is all on your website, your customer never leaves your website, never goes someplace that doesn't look like your website, giving your clients confidence in the process and helping them feel comfortable instead of worrying if they are getting hacked or that their information will get stolen by an outside source. This in turn helps increase conversions.
Second, building your reservations on your website strengthens your SEO, not your booking agents.
Lastly, you own all your reservations, data, and links. Meaning no expensive commission fees & you keep your customer’s data for your benefit, not someone else.

Website Maintenance

You have better things to worry about than making sure that your website is maintained, updated, secured and backed up! The main reason websites get hacked is because they are not maintained properly. Let us help mitigate the risk.
We can also help you with regular maintenance tasks such as:
Blog Writing to help keep you ranking high on Google searches
Setting up your reservation dates every year
General updates such as staff, activities, new features, new sites or rooms

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